About Core 9 Design

Here at Core 9 Design, we offer some of the most exceptional work it comes to decorative concrete and stained concrete OKC work in all the different kinds of construction that could be possible for your home or your business or wherever you wanted to build something. The owner of the company, Andy Jones, with his faithful team members at the business, are very much ready to give you all of the perks and all the benefits of utilizing and working with us. For the past 15 years or so, we have worked under the name Core 9 Design, and have constantly provided awe moments and loads of satisfaction to all of our customers. We realize though that since we can provide so many different kinds of services to you with construction, you probably have some questions about us.

What Kinds of Projects Do You Do?

We can do a lot of different services for you. As you can find out by looking at our services page, you will be able to see that we can do lots of different flooring capabilities with stained concrete OKC whether it’s an epoxy coating or a metallic look or just some great-looking decorative concrete. One of our favorites is definitely having to deal with fireplaces. This is become quite popular recently for us and we’re making it one of our core areas that we service to people. but along with fireplaces and flooring, the options are basically endless when it comes to utilizing stained concrete OKC for your next project.


What Does it Cost for Your Work?

We have done some exceptional work for places like law firms and offices, two well-known brands like Ditch Witch and Coca-Cola. And we not only do projects with commercial offices and big businesses, but we will also do projects for the home as well. And while we are not a low-cost provider, the amount of value that you will receive by working with us and by utilizing our services is going to be much more than what you pay for. Andy Jones does a very careful job of making sure that his two-man team with each project does some great work and make sure to be very efficient with their time in the process. The key here is that the value that Core 9 Design provides definitely outweigh the cost.


What Does the Process Look Like for My Next Project?

The process is quite simple, but very careful. For instance, you will start by calling the number that’s on the website or filling out a form requesting the details that you’re wanting to accomplish. Then we reach out to you and hear about all the particular details and schedule a time to visit where you want this to be done. Then after hearing whether you are serious or not about getting this project done, we provide you a free 3-D design and stained concrete OKC model so that you can effectively see and make sure that what we’re believing you want is actually what you want. And then once you give us okay, we start working at a very scheduled time. And throughout the process, you’ll be able to make sure to see how it is going and be able to make changes based upon different desires and expectations for the work. And in just a matter of weeks, you’ll be see your new project finished and completed to your perfection.


From Start to Finish, How Long Does it Take?

With most projects, it will take up to a week or even two weeks to get completed. Now this is all dependent on how many changes are made in the process and it’s also dependence on how far along the project is scheduled out. But from starting the process and the project to making a completed masterpiece, you should expected to be done in two weeks tops!


Core Principles for Core 9 Design:

Our core principles for work defines what we do and how we operate stained concrete OKC. While there are very specific differences to us in the competition that you will find in our “Why Us?” page, we also specific areas that we hold true with our products and also with anybody that works with Core 9 Design. For starters, they must have honesty and integrity with the work. If we get into a situation where as many contractors are tempted to on lots of projects and just rack up lots of sales without having the proper amount of employees to help out and without having trained people to help out, then we will start the lie start to not be able to deliver what we promised on. We make our commitment that will never happen with any of the work that we do and ensure that is not going to happen.

On top of honesty and integrity, we want to bring the WOW factor with all of our work. Since we like to call ourselves artisans and artists instead of just contractors, you we’ll see that kind of detail in specific attention to masterpieces that you won’t find with other construction businesses. Bringing the WOW is an essential part two how things will be done and how things will be worked out with any kind of dream project that you give us. it also emphasizes that there is a philosophy of ownership with every project that’s completed. Because even though we will get to a place where the owner will not be on the job site every single day, (although the owner does always want to be part of every project), the staff and people on the team will have a sense of ownership and will take charge of the project like it’s for their own company.

No matter what the spaces or no matter what kind of project you’re looking to do, whether it just your home or it might be a restaurant office space or warehouse or whatever, we got the resources to be able to fulfill whatever inspiration you have. The simplest part about this is that you just have to get in contact with us and share your vision. Because until we know what your vision is, we can’t help you. The biggest part is to make sure that you’re ultimately satisfied with the stained concrete OKC project and that is a fantastic work of art for you.